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Online PPS: With just one click,
start to save money today for your future.
You can make a choice among our

interest-bearing and interest-free pension plans.

Ziraat Pension enables you to save money with just one click.


‘My Online Doctor’ Is At Your Service
A Group Life Insurance specially designed for employees
24/7 Health Consultancy for policyholders via video call.

You can get every detail you need
to know about your savings via the
Mobile Branch of Ziraat Emeklilik.


What is Private Pension?

The Private Pension System (BES) offers you the opportunity to make regular savings and investments by increasing your savings thanks to the 25% Government Contribution advantage in addition to the payments you make with a portion of your income for your retirement period.

All you have to do is to click on the "Buy" button to choose the one that suits you best from our individual pension plans, which include alternative and non-interest fund alternatives according to your investment preferences.